Day Tour to Newgrange - Dublin

Day Tour to Newgrange – Ancient Tombs & Epic Battles!

Day Tour to Newgrange – Ancient Tombs & Epic Battles!

Nothing can prepare you for a day tour to Newgrange.

This is the jewel in Ireland’s crown, a majestic tribute to Ireland’s ancient past dating back over 5,000 years. Newgrange announces itself on the horizon in the culturally rich Boyne valley. Some of Ireland’s earliest settlers discovered the rich farmland in the Boyne valley and settled this area about 6,000 years ago. Honouring the sun, they built many tombs which align with the rising sun and Newgrange is by far the most impressive passage tomb of them all.

Oldbridge House - Day Tours - Dublin

Oldbridge House – Part of the Day Tour to Newgrange

A day tour to Newgrange is best started at 08h or 08.30h to ensure early access to this wonderful site. Bring warm clothing as this site is located on a strategic hilltop and exposed to the elements all year around. Arriving at the visitor centre, you are invited to visit the centre as you wait to embark on a tour of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Newgrange is visited by guided tour only and you get the unique opportunity to enter the 5,200 year old tomb which stands today unchanged from its time of construction all those years ago. Enjoy a full guided tour of one of the worlds most amazing sites before returning to the visitor centre to continue your full day tour of Newgrange, Meath and North Dublin.

Day Tour to Newgrange – Ancient Tombs & Epic Battles!

Enjoying lunch locally, your private Newgrange day tour takes you to the wonderful new visitor centre on the banks of the Boyne River. This is the location of Ireland’s and arguably one of Europe’s most important battles. The Battle of the Boyne in 1690 was fought between the Catholic King James II and the Protestant King William of Orange and decided the future religious persuasion of large parts of Europe and future conflicts between nations. A visit to one of Ireland’s best visitor centres awaits you here as you are brought back in to the night before the battle and a laser recreation of the battle itself.

Your tour is not over yet, having enjoyed the activities of Newgrange and the Battle of the Boyne, you can now sit back, relax and enjoy a beautiful coastal drive as we return to Dublin city via the fishing village of Howth, the summit of Howth Head peninsula and Dublin bay. Arrive back to your hotel or accommodation after enjoying your full 8 hours touring with us at

Dublin - Day Tour to Newgrange - Guide Tours

Why not check out some of our excellent reviews for yourself and book your private day tour today. We look forward to showing you around our beautiful country.

Private Day Tour Of Kilkenny - Kilkenny Castle - Gan Tours Ireland

Private Day Tour Of Kilkenny – Spells, Witchcraft & A Brewery!

Private Day Tour of Kilkenny

Learn of witchcraft and spells near Ireland’s oldest brewery!

A day tour to Kilkenny is one of the more enjoyable excursions out of Dublin that one can do. Kilkenny is a small medieval city, on one end you have the old castle that was sold to the city for the modest sum of €75 not so long ago. Upon arrival into the city, our day tour will bring you from one side of the town to the other. Starting off at St Canices Cathedral where you can climb the 1,000 year old round tower if you’re brave enough to enjoy the stunning views over the town. Its only slightly listing so if you stand to the one side you should be ok!!!

Our tour will take you up the main street past Rothe House which is a small group of perfectly preserved terraced houses dating back over 400 years. Passing by Irelands oldest brewery of Smithwicks, we will weave past the town hall and river Nore and up to the castle framing the main street at the far end.

Private Day Tour Of Kilkenny – Spells, Witchcraft & A Brewery!

Alice Kyteler - Private Tour Of Kilkenny

Discover the story of Alice Kyteler, the first Irish witch, during your tour of Kilkenny City!

Kilkenny castle was founded by the Normans and was the family homestead of the Butlers. It was modernised in the 1800’s and a visit to the castle truly takes you through the ages of Irish history. You may be distracted by the appeal of the Kilkenny Design shop and studios located in the castles stables as you come to lunch time. There are plenty of options in Kilkenny and the Design Cafe is one great choice or you may dare to enjoy lunch in Kytellers Inn which was once the home of Dame Alice Kyteller, the first Irish woman to be convicted of witchcraft, learn her story over a pint and she may even appear to you in the corner of your eye.

After lunch, you should by now have worked up a well deserved thirst where you can choose to take a guided tour of Smithwicks Brewery or you may prefer to take in the hustle and bustle of this great city and visit some of the smaller more modest medieval attractions in the town.

At around 16h we depart Kilkenny and journey back to Dublin where our tour ends and you have the chance to swap stories with locals having made new memories on your day tour of Kilkenny City.

Private Tour of Kilkenny City Review!

We’re big fans our private tour of Kilkenny but here is what a client had to say about it!

“Ganter Chauffeur – Ciaran = All I can say is a BIG thank you for our 4 day tour of southern part of Ireland. The tour was to Watrford, Cork and Kilkenny with lots of cultural and scenic sightseeing. Ciaran was so informative about all the above and also about where to shop and what to look out for. I give him and the company 100% and can only guarantee the best trip that you will take should you use this company for touring Ireland. Thank you Failte Ireland for introducing Ciaran to us.”

You can book your day tour of Kilkenny now and we’d hope that you’d have a similar experience! Stay tuned for more blog posts anyway as we reveal more secrets and interesting facts about the great tourist attractions of Ireland!

Powerscourt House Day Tour - Guided Tours Ireland

Day Tour to Powerscourt Nearly Starts With A Splash!

Day Tour to Powerscourt

Heading southwards on a day tour of Wicklow visiting Powerscourt is one of the most scenic tours one can do. Starting out along the coast following the contours of south county Dublin as we go one is immediately attracted by the huge port of Dun Laoghaire. Built 200 years ago as a safe haven for ships, it is now enjoyed by locals as Ireland’s premiere leisure port.

Continuing along the coast, you can generally hear Ooos and Aaahs from people as you arrive by the small beach at Sandycove, a popular swimming spot for locals. This daily ritual is challenging during the summer but the locals are branded ‘mad’ when taking a dip in the wintertime too! You can hear sighs of regret (or perhaps relief) when people realise they had ‘conveniently’ forgotten their own swim wear.

This tour winds its way through Dalkey and sometimes you can see groups of Kayakers heading off for a few hours around Dalkey Island with Our tours turn westwards inland over the hills to the awe inspiring Powerscourt House and Gardens.

Day Tour to Powerscourt House & Gardens

Powerscourt House Tour - Private Guided Tours - Gan Tours Ireland

We’ve a range of luxury vehicles for you to choose from for your tour with us!

Powerscourt Gardens were voted the 3rd best in the world by National Geographic recently and boast some of the most stunning Italian, Japanese, Walled and Rose Gardens in Europe. Powerscourt House is a destination in itself and well worth stopping off at the Avoca Woolen Mills shop and award winning cafe or even enjoy the stripped walls of this ancient building that is medieval in origin but Georgian in appearance.

Powerscourt House was gutted in a fire in the 1970’s and the Slazenger family (of the sports brand fame) have worked tirelessly and most successively to keep it in great shape and open to the public. The Powerscourt Estate extends many hectares and is home to two fantastic parkland golf courses and with a luxury 5* resort hotel on the grounds is a wonderful location to base yourself while discovering Wicklow.

We’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of tours where the clients were brave enough to jump into the Irish sea with the locals but feel free to book a private tour of Powerscourt with us and bring along your togs if you’re feeling brave!

Day Tour to Powerscourt Review

We’ve been very fortunate to receive our best reviews on tripadvisor for our day tours of Dublin, here’s another one we received recently about our Powerscourt Tour.

“I took a chance to contact Ganter from the internet as I was preparing a trip to Ireland. I contacted Ronan and found him to be extremely professional and very helpful in planning the right excursion for me and my friend while in Dublin. He answered all my questions and my emails with courteous and speedy replies. The actual excursion was top notch. Our driver Dick was fantastic and took us on a wonderful sightseeing tour south of Dublin. It was a most pleasurable afternoon and I highly recommend this company to everyone planning a trip to Ireland.”

If you’re planning a trip to Ireland soon and would like some day tour advice or think you’d like to tour with us then get it touch and we’d be happy to help!

Tour Trinity Collegue - Dublin Tourism

Tour of Trinity College & Bonus Review!

Tour of Trinity College

Trinity College (pictured) dates back to 1592 and was established by Queen Elizabeth I who founded it outside the city walls at an old monastic site. Many of the buildings date back to the 1700’s and are noticeably Georgian with the small windows on the upper floors. The jewel in Trinitys crown, apart from its many scholars and past students, is the stunning Trinity College library, the Irish Proclamation of Independence and of course the iconic ancient manuscript of the ‘Book of Kells’. Worth visiting early in the morning as the old library can be busy in the afternoons.

Tour Trinity Collegue - Book of Kells - Dublin Tourism

Tour of Trinity College – The Book of Kells

Trinity College is located right in the centre of Dublin city, only a stones throw from the medieval streets of Templebar and the shopping area of Grafton Street, a stroll through Trinity is really a great way to soak up the atmosphere of Dublin, the old cobbled walkways, the buzz of visitors, Dubliners and students all mixing together. On a day tour of Dublin, be sure to take time and drop into Trinity. With our private Day Tours of Dublin, we can bring in a visit to Trinity College on any of our private day tours of Dublin or Wicklow so its worth discussing your touring options with your driver-guide when you meet and we can advise you on how best to plan your visit to Dublin.

Tour of Trinity College & Bonus Review!

It’s easy for us to say that our tours of Trinity College and Dublin are the best but we’ve received some excellent review and testimonials on TripAdvisor like the one below. It’s this feedback that drives us on to continue to provide a top notch service and tour.

We spent a lovely day with Ciaran of Ganters Chauffeur Drive, driving around Dublin on a private tour. Ciaran was professional, extremely knowledgeable and just a lovely guy – a brilliant representative of Ireland. He did particularly well to keep me, my husband and my 70-year old mother entertained, as we were all interested in seeing different things. We had just the right amount of time in and out of the car. Thank you for creating such a great memory of Dublin for us.

We really pride ourselves on getting reviews like the above and always aim to give our customers the best tour possible. If you’d like to book a guided tour of Ireland then we’d love to have you!