Day Tour to Newgrange - Dublin

Day Tour to Newgrange – Ancient Tombs & Epic Battles!

Nothing can prepare you for a day tour to Newgrange.

This is the jewel in Ireland’s crown, a majestic tribute to Ireland’s ancient past dating back over 5,000 years. Newgrange announces itself on the horizon in the culturally rich Boyne valley. Some of Ireland’s earliest settlers discovered the rich farmland in the Boyne valley and settled this area about 6,000 years ago. Honouring the sun, they built many tombs which align with the rising sun and Newgrange is by far the most impressive passage tomb of them all.

Oldbridge House - Day Tours - Dublin

Oldbridge House – Part of the Day Tour to Newgrange

A day tour to Newgrange is best started at 08h or 08.30h to ensure early access to this wonderful site. Bring warm clothing as this site is located on a strategic hilltop and exposed to the elements all year around. Arriving at the visitor centre, you are invited to visit the centre as you wait to embark on a tour of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Newgrange is visited by guided tour only and you get the unique opportunity to enter the 5,200 year old tomb which stands today unchanged from its time of construction all those years ago. Enjoy a full guided tour of one of the worlds most amazing sites before returning to the visitor centre to continue your full day tour of Newgrange, Meath and North Dublin.

Day Tour to Newgrange – Ancient Tombs & Epic Battles!

Enjoying lunch locally, your private Newgrange day tour takes you to the wonderful new visitor centre on the banks of the Boyne River. This is the location of Ireland’s and arguably one of Europe’s most important battles. The Battle of the Boyne in 1690 was fought between the Catholic King James II and the Protestant King William of Orange and decided the future religious persuasion of large parts of Europe and future conflicts between nations. A visit to one of Ireland’s best visitor centres awaits you here as you are brought back in to the night before the battle and a laser recreation of the battle itself.

Your tour is not over yet, having enjoyed the activities of Newgrange and the Battle of the Boyne, you can now sit back, relax and enjoy a beautiful coastal drive as we return to Dublin city via the fishing village of Howth, the summit of Howth Head peninsula and Dublin bay. Arrive back to your hotel or accommodation after enjoying your full 8 hours touring with us at

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