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Private Day Tour of Kilkenny

Learn of witchcraft and spells near Ireland’s oldest brewery!

A day tour to Kilkenny is one of the more enjoyable excursions out of Dublin that one can do. Kilkenny is a small medieval city, on one end you have the old castle that was sold to the city for the modest sum of €75 not so long ago. Upon arrival into the city, our day tour will bring you from one side of the town to the other. Starting off at St Canices Cathedral where you can climb the 1,000 year old round tower if you’re brave enough to enjoy the stunning views over the town. Its only slightly listing so if you stand to the one side you should be ok!!!

Our tour will take you up the main street past Rothe House which is a small group of perfectly preserved terraced houses dating back over 400 years. Passing by Irelands oldest brewery of Smithwicks, we will weave past the town hall and river Nore and up to the castle framing the main street at the far end.

Private Day Tour Of Kilkenny – Spells, Witchcraft & A Brewery!

Alice Kyteler - Private Tour Of Kilkenny

Discover the story of Alice Kyteler, the first Irish witch, during your tour of Kilkenny City!

Kilkenny castle was founded by the Normans and was the family homestead of the Butlers. It was modernised in the 1800’s and a visit to the castle truly takes you through the ages of Irish history. You may be distracted by the appeal of the Kilkenny Design shop and studios located in the castles stables as you come to lunch time. There are plenty of options in Kilkenny and the Design Cafe is one great choice or you may dare to enjoy lunch in Kytellers Inn which was once the home of Dame Alice Kyteller, the first Irish woman to be convicted of witchcraft, learn her story over a pint and she may even appear to you in the corner of your eye.

After lunch, you should by now have worked up a well deserved thirst where you can choose to take a guided tour of Smithwicks Brewery or you may prefer to take in the hustle and bustle of this great city and visit some of the smaller more modest medieval attractions in the town.

At around 16h we depart Kilkenny and journey back to Dublin where our tour ends and you have the chance to swap stories with locals having made new memories on your day tour of Kilkenny City.

Private Tour of Kilkenny City Review!

We’re big fans our private tour of Kilkenny but here is what a client had to say about it!

“Ganter Chauffeur – Ciaran = All I can say is a BIG thank you for our 4 day tour of southern part of Ireland. The tour was to Watrford, Cork and Kilkenny with lots of cultural and scenic sightseeing. Ciaran was so informative about all the above and also about where to shop and what to look out for. I give him and the company 100% and can only guarantee the best trip that you will take should you use this company for touring Ireland. Thank you Failte Ireland for introducing Ciaran to us.”

You can book your day tour of Kilkenny now and we’d hope that you’d have a similar experience! Stay tuned for more blog posts anyway as we reveal more secrets and interesting facts about the great tourist attractions of Ireland!

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