Our Expert Guide Drivers

At Gantours, our driver-guides are our greatest asset, their expert knowledge and extensive experience touring Ireland combine to give you, our client, the best Irish experience available.

Gantours driver-guides pride themselves on providing the best service, whether its regaling you with local stories, showing you historical sites, unique views or the traditional local bar, you’ll always find Gantours driver-guides pleasant, accommodating and at all times professional.

What to expect on a typical day tour with your driver-guide

Our drivers usually arrive at your hotel or start point at 15 minutes early and are ready to meet you for your days touring at 09.30h. Our driver-guide will discuss with you the plan for the day and if there are any areas of particular interest to you, he may be able to tailor the days touring to include this option.

Your driver-guide will give you a brief overview on Irish history and as you travel, will point out areas of interest and unique stories.

When you arrive at an attraction, your driver-guide will give you a full explanation of what the attraction is about and what you can expect to see and do upon arrival. Your driver-guide will accompany you to the admissions desk to ensure that you are comfortable with everything and then you will be free to explore the attraction.

Your driver-guide will generally remain with the vehicle or in the attraction building until your return before continuing on the days touring.

Restaurant, Bars or Cafés - The Choice is Yours

Lunch can be dictated by you the client, your driver-guide will be able to offer recommendations and suggestions of places to dine either in a restaurant, bar or café of your choice.

Your driver-guide will leave you to enjoy your own lunch although if he is in a very remote location, your driver-guide may choose to enjoy lunch in the same establishment. If you wish to invite your driver-guide to join you for lunch, that is entirely up to you, the client.

Your driver-guide will ensure you arrive back at your accommodation or drop off point by 17.30h.

If you would like recommendations on places to eat, enjoy a drink or perhaps take in some Irish music, your driver-guide will be happy to recommend these places to you as you arrive at your final destination.

Useful Tips & Advice: Going out

Bars generally stop serving at 23.30hrs but you are allowed at least 30 minutes drink up time.

Bars stop serving at 00.30hrs on Friday and Saturday and some late bars can serve up until 02hrs or even later!

If you order your beverage at the bar, a tip is not expected or looked for.

If you order your beverage from a server on the floor, they don’t expect a tip but 50cent or €1 would be nice especially if they provided friendly service.

Useful Tips & Advice: Eating out

Some restaurants close on a Monday night…reservations recommended.

Restaurants often offer an early bird menu option before 18.30hrs, this can be great value so worth asking when making any reservation.

Most Irish restaurants serve dinner between 18hrs and 21.30hrs. Some bars can serve food until 22hrs or even 23hrs.

Tipping in a restaurant, as a rule of thumb, if service is good – 10%, if service is excellent 15% to 20%. Establishments often add a service charge for small groups of 6 or more. You don’t tip for bad service!

Useful Tips & Advice: Breakfast

An Irish breakfast is very filling and is served in nearly every hotel or accommodation, it consists of rashers (bacon), pork sausage, fried egg (poached/scrambled), tomato and tea/coffee and toast. Cereal, fruit and yogurts are also options.

Useful Tips & Advice: Exchanging Currency

Nearly all banks have a currency exchange option. Banks are generally open from 10hrs until 16hrs Monday to Friday. $100 dollar notes are difficult to exchange in Irish banks, currency exchange businesses will exchange $100 notes for you and are located in main airports and cities.

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